Who is Dr. C

Louisiana Monroe 300x136 Who is Dr. CDr. Daniel Comeaux is a native of Monroe, LA and has a passion for sports and chiropractic healthcare. Dr. C went to both high school and college in the Monroe area. Dr. C intimately and personally knows the ongoing pain involved in staying active and how important getting healthy is to maintain an active lifestyle.

Surrounding himself with fellow athletes and active peers, and after consulting with his father, early on Daniel knew he wanted to have a career where he could provide a valuable service to the community. However, he didn’t only want to practice traditional chiropractic care, as he saw first hand as he spent a year under PGA Tour renowned chiropractor, Troy Van Biezen D.C. ART, is a very successful sports based clinic in Addison, TX. There, Dr. C worked with many professional athletes, whose livelihood was dependent upon being able to get out on the golf course day in and day out, and that meant holistic and sustainable chiropractic healthcare.

After graduating with honors from the Parker Chiropractic School in Dallas,TX and studying under the tutelage of Dr. Van Biezen, Dr. C became well versed not only in the educational theories and ideas but the practice of modern and dynamic techniques such as Active Release Technique, Dry Needling, and the Graston Technique.

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Seeing a dire need to a holistic chiropractic approach to include a focus on kinesiology and sports medicine combined with fundamental root cause chiropractic care, Dr. Daniel Comeaux decided to move back from Dallas, TX to his hometown of Monroe, LA to open his own chiropractic clinic in Monroe, Premier Chiropractic Specialists.

Feel free to drop Dr. C a note or give him a call, and make sure you “Like” his Facebook Page, Follow his tweets, and if you are ever in need of chiropractic services with a focus on an active lifestyle, register for a free consultation.