Mission & Vision

monroe chiropractic 300x248 Mission & VisionPCS Mission

Premiere Chiropractic Specialists, a home grown Monroe chiropractic clinic, owned and operated by Monroe, LA native, Dr. Daniel Comeaux aims to assess the condition, rehabilitate the condition, and holistically treat chiropractic, spine, joint, and muscle pain in order to have their patients back to doing what t hey love, and more importantly, prevent the problem from continually returning.

Our Vision

At PCS our vision is to be a top Monroe, LA chiropractic clinic offering both modern and innovative services specializing on the rehabilitation and recovery of high school sports students, college athletes, and those who aspire to stay active throughout their lives without living in pain. We will provide innovative treatments by first starting with a professional examination, find the root cause, and then apply a custom chiropractic health plan to treat the root cause through services such as Active Release Technique, Dry Needling, Massage Therapy, Active Care, Kinesio-Taping and the Graston Technique.

As PCS grows and expands capabilities, we will hire more personal trainers to increase the level of active care services and help maintain the ongoing health of our patients. Trainers will utilize a set of protocols designed by Functional Movement Screenings and Selective Functional Movement Assessments which require full certification and understanding.