Monroe Sports Chiropractic Philosophy

Monroe Sports Doc 240x300 Monroe Sports Chiropractic PhilosophyLike no other Monroe sports chiropractor, Dr. Daniel Comeaux and Premier Chiropractic Specialists believes in a different type of chiropractic philosophy. Gone are the days when simple adjustments and manipulations are the status quo. In order to keep up with the active life in today’s fast moving world, whether you are a High School or College athlete, or a guy looking to get his golf swing back, or after a few kids you are wanting to get back to your best mile time, it takes treating chiropractic health from a holistic approach. ¬†This means getting to the root cause of your joint, muscle, and mobile pain, putting together a custom health plan just for you.

Premier Chiropractic Specialists believes in the following chiropractic:

  • Always stay on the cutting edge of chiropractic health trends and solutions in order to better serve the needs of PCS patients.
  • Provide services beyond traditional chiropractic, with personal trainers and massage therapists, in order to provide ongoing care and sustainable solutions.
  • Maintain a consultative and educational approach when working with patients so they now all options and treatment plans throughout the care process.
  • Foster a company culture of continuous improvement, synergy, transparency and collaboration.
  • Create a Monroe, LA business which gives back to the local economy and provides a true health service to the community.